Finest Worksong

Submitted by Rick on Mon, 13/08/2012 – 14:09 

I am in the final days of preparation for Moon Design’s first appearance at:

GEN CON 2012

All manner of things are being boxed up for display and for sale. We’ll be sharing a booth with Cubicle 7 in the main dealer hall. I am very much looking forward to showing off our various books and such. I’m getting a few poster sized maps done for the uber-map that will wind up in the Guide to Glorantha, plus I want to have a magic box full of old goodies to give away to those who stop by to say hello.

We’ll have all of our books on sale, plus a few other surprises.


Submitted by Herve on Mon, 13/08/2012 – 15:09. 

Good luck and much good business! BTW, I would very much like to buy a “poster-sized” map of any part of Glorantha, particulary the versions with Hexes. Any chance to see that on sale soon ? Better yet, any chance to get some at KRAKEN ?

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