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Submitted by Rick on Mon, 23/05/2011 – 22:56 

It probably comes as little surprise that we have taken up the task of reconstructing Glorantha. That is how I see the role of Moon Design Publications. I have spent a little time pondering over the twelve years the company has existed and the books that we have produced. It all started with the Gloranthan Classics series of reprints, and has evolved into becoming the publisher of HeroQuest. Having the freedom (and license) to publish basically anything that has to do with Glorantha is both a privilege and a challenge. So much has been written about Glorantha since 1966 – and this great body of work covers a wide spectrum of material.  I look at the many, many books, boxes, and magazines that comprise my collection of Gloranthan material and it is too much. Glorantha deserves a more straight-forward and streamlined presentation of its material. Players and gamemasters need books they can use, game with, and enjoy without the burden of a chaotic library of material on the shelves behind them. That is why we started with our Sartar book, and its Companion book of material. It is why we are well on the way to publishing Pavis, and then the Big Rubble, and then the Guide to Glorantha. We have the same goal for every book. We unite a wide body of material into a single sourcebook. We add scenarios and playable material. Like any reconstruction project, we strive to improve while preserving, enhancing while honoring, and having a lot of fun along the way. As of late, we have recently expanded our Gloranthan writing team to include Loz and Pete. With their added energy and talents the pace of reconstruction is about to quicken. We hope you enjoy journeying along with us.


Submitted by Rudy aka Pruneau (not verified) on Sun, 05/06/2011 – 03:49. So far what I have seen, as a RQ player that remained 3rd age Gloranthan, has been excellent. The descriptions of encounters are perfectly useable, just have to add the stats. And it’s true, most of teh stuff existed in one form or other in KODP, the fanzines, compendiums, and so on, but it’s just a lot more practical to have one source book. Only regret I have is I just bought the pdfs. I have to get the printed versions as well, having it printed over here costs 25 EURO as well, I prefer the real thing then.

Submitted by Rungard (not verified) on Fri, 27/05/2011 – 23:36. Well done so far and I hope it continues to be so good! BTW, could it be possible for you to do some previews of what is there to expect from the new Pavis book? Pleeeeease? Like the names of the scenarios, some art, etc. 

Submitted by Vile (not verified) on Wed, 25/05/2011 – 14:48. Will this reconstruction involve any further collections of OOP materials past, like Wyrm’s Footnotes? 

Submitted by Gregory Molle (not verified) on Tue, 24/05/2011 – 01:02. “We add scenarios and playable material.” That’s it ! Not just because I’m lazy or have no time to do it (well… I have no time, gasp), but because it is another way to introduce background in an intelligible way. It is didactic, it gives useful insights about “how I can do it myself”. I think I’ve learned more about Heortlings in particular and Glorantha in general with “The Colymar Campaign” – or about Dara Happa with “Dara Happa Stirs” stories – than with dozens pages of background from “Genertela CoHW”. 

Submitted by Rick Meints (not verified) on Tue, 24/05/2011 – 00:13. One part of our reconstruction strategy for previously published material is “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. We want to reduce complexity without sacrificing the richness and depth of the material. We reuse the great concepts while expanding on them and making them more “playable”. We recycle artwork from long out-of-print publications with little fear that a picture from Wyrms Footnotes #5 is going to feel “overused”. 

Submitted by Mike Gibb (not verified) on Tue, 24/05/2011 – 00:04. It’s all sounding good to me. And I like the fact the old stuff isn’t being thrown out completely – like the excellent Runemasters artwork at the top of this column!!!! 

Submitted by Vile (not verified) on Mon, 23/05/2011 – 23:23. This all sounds very encouraging, and I wish you all the best in your endeavours! 

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