Feeling Gravity’s Pull

Submitted by Rick on Sun, 08/07/2012 – 21:53 

At long last, and after too many delays I am happy to announce that all of the PDFs have been created and are ready to go to the printers for Wyrms Footnotes 15. It ended up being 88 pages of Glorantha goodness!

Layout on this has been a real treat for me, plus I got to help write a few of the articles. I am definitely feeling gravity’s pull and am gunning to get to the next to layout assignments, the Guide to Glorantha and the much updated version of King of Sartar…

Here’s the Table of contents for WF15:

Adventure Time with Sandy Petersen 3

Archive Runequest Miniatures 7

Special Dragon Pass Encounters 11

Upland Marsh Locations 15

Delecti the Necromancer 28

Tribes of Sartar 30

Songs of the House of Sartar 32

Sun Dome County 35

The Far Place 40

Campaigns of Dragon Pass 49

War in Glorantha 58

The Battle of Night and Day 63

Magical Regiments in the Hero Wars 73

Making King of Dragon Pass 2.0 78

Why Chaos is Bad 80

Wyrms Footnotes Index 81


Submitted by Rungard on Sun, 15/07/2012 – 17:18. 

I know Paul Jaquays did some art for some old supplements, but why this silly looking durulz on the cover? Is it some kind of joke? I sort of like it, but I don’t get it.

Submitted by fiddler on Sat, 14/07/2012 – 12:07. 

PDF looks great. Looking forward to the physical book.

Submitted by mikegibb on Tue, 10/07/2012 – 06:46. 

Have to admit to being stoked about this one too – ever since I saw the Jacquays cover!!!

Submitted by phf on Mon, 09/07/2012 – 07:51. 

Yay! Looking forward to the Return! 🙂

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