Pretty Persuasion

Submitted by Rick on Tue, 31/05/2011 – 09:18 

One of the more common questions I get from fans of the Gloranthan Classics series of reprints is “what are you going to reprint next?”. This is something that we have been examining more at length lately, and we feel the time may be quickly approaching for another group of material to come out. I haven’t decided if it will be a full volume of Undiluted Gloranthan Gold, or a smaller body of material published through simpler means. On my short list are some more articles from the RQ Companion, although we know the awesome article on the Holy Country is going to be melded into the forthcoming Guide to Glorantha (with at least as good a map). There’s also the remainder of the original Troll Pak material that didn’t end up in the Cult Compendium. Suffice it to say, at least for the moment, that many things, on many fronts, are in the works. One of the reasons we brought Loz and Pete into the Moon Design family was to get more product in the pipeline. That said, we also want to fill any downtime between new writing projects with getting more “classic” material back into print. Some of it will end up in our new revamped archives section of this website (in process), and some may see more traditional publication.

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