Back Filled With Ideas

Submitted by Claudia on Sat, 05/03/2011 – 20:52

It has been a while when I wrote the last installment of Breakfast and Games – but it has been very busy here! From Christmas until mid of January we were in the United States; not only visiting family but also a big drive from Seattle to San Francisco. And of course – we had to pay Greg Stafford a visit on our way down (talking Glorantha stuff while Finn chased Greg and Suzanne’s chickens). During our time in the Seattle area we tested a few new adventures – documented in pictures by Mike O’Connor. Last week Ian Cooper was over in Berlin to finish editing “Coming Storm” with Jeff – one of the books for release later this year –, letting our Berliner game group playtesting the heroquest as part of the story. Aside of this, Jeff is working like a maniac (after suffering from a bad bug which kept him out of commission most of last week) to finish Pavis and Big Rubble and get those books out. Jeff says that Pavis is nearly done – Jeff is finishing up two scenarios, then it’s done! And art is being commissioned (the cover is AMAZING!). Jeff is trying to get it out for Eternal Con in June. Big Rubble will come out afterwards (everything done except for the scenarios and art). Then – Coming Storm and the Guide of Glorantha. We are redoing the Glorantha-Website including a direct possibility to post my block, “so you can post more often,” Jeff says. We’ll talk more about that in a later blog, when the planning is finished. However – not only Jeff is busy – when we came back in mid January my work needed me 200% because of a new project. I’m sorry but all my creativity was used up there even if I had a lot of ideas in mind what I could post. Since last Tuesday Finn is now 7 hours in day care which gives Jeff and me some more free time to do things. As I hinted already I have a lot of things I can post about. However – I will not start with one something in the past but with an idea I had yesterday during breakfast – more appropriate for this blog given its name! As you know – I love the art used in the books. I know that Jeff, Rick and Simon put a lot of work into finding good artists and commission art with proper descriptions to get what they want to illustrate their books. In a game it is always good to illustrate something. I don’t know about your games, but I’ve always given the book around (with the finger high up –“do not read this paragraph” or with paper over key sections – which is always awkward to handle) or you make a copy before the game (which means you have to prep carefully – most of our games have a certain amount of spontaneity in them and players usually do not do the things a game master has planned for!). So yesterday I had the idea to print card decks with art used in the books not only to illustrate your game session but maybe even use decks with art to produce random encounters (like encounter tables) or to enrich your story with some random ideas by the art from random drawn cards. It’s not about making a card game – I really have only in mind to put a piece of art on a card, a title, and maybe some info. Jeff told me “Cool – do it”.Hmmm. I know already were to print it but have still no idea how to put a deck together. By theme? By book? By region? Cool art I love? Is this something useful at all? Anybody imagine they might use something like this? Give me your ideas and feedback, please!!! 

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