Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Submitted by Claudia on Tue, 04/01/2011 – 21:12

We had a busy time! Back from Dragon Meet in London Jeff’s parents came over, pre – Christmas time and preparing for our trip to the states on the 25th of December gave little spare time. So let’s catch up what happened in the last month. Jeff had not much time to write – as I wrote his parents were over and we all got sick for some days (Malia cursed us a lot: stomach flu for Jeff and me, a lot of running noses for all three of us, eye infection for little Finn but Ernalda intervened because we had to keep Finn home from kindergarten and so he missed the scarlet fever there).  However – we sacrificed to Malia to calm her down and promised her a section in one of Jeff’s next books. The next challenging thing was to get out of Berlin and to the States. Our flight was scheduled for the 25th (celebrating Christmas twice – in Germany we celebrate on the 24th evening, in the US it’s the 25th and due to the nine hours we “save” we had planned to be in Seattle at noon and ready for Christmas lunch/dinner). But somehow Orlanth was not happy with us and he made it snow the whole night and morning. At the airport they told us that our flight is already scheduled two hours late (and that would have meant that we missed our connection in Frankfurt). But we were lucky – a promise to Issaries helped us to get the last seats on the earlier flight (which was late too but came out on the time of our original flight). The pilot waited until Orlanth looked away for a minute and skipped out of Berlin. Frankfurt had a lot of snow, too but when our connection flight was scheduled, it had stopped to snow. So we arrived only 30 minutes late in Seattle (and waiting there forever for our luggage – maybe some trolls went through it on the search for some food…).

Now you know everything about our last weeks/days but what is the Moon Design news? Yesterday Jeff came very happy to me and showed me a thread on discussing how awesome Moon Design is. This made his day (because the things he is usually dealing with are discussions about book prizes, shipping costs, Fans who don’t find their favorite  cult in all the details the want to have in a book  – even if they should have enough imagination to make things up if necessary – and so on. The tread came totally out of the blue and I had a very happy husband (please – more of this!!! ). The next thing was that Moon Design got a job application. Rick and Jeff felt very flattered but they are a very tiny tiny company without employees  – the only thing they do are hiring freelancers esp. for art and from time to time to write things (as information for others playing with the thought of a career in this business). Jeff scheduled some time in to work more on Big Rubble and Pavis during our trip. And – not to forget – the last week we drive to San Francisco and we will visit THE great Old One (OK wrong gaming system but you know whom I mean). We will spend two days with Greg Stafford and Jeff will discuss his next projects with him and plans to go through a lot of Greg notes. So much on a status report – next time I plane to provide more content again but now I have to keep Finn away from the pancakes of his uncle (Finn had already five and wants more! I’m scared…).

More soon – Claudia 

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