Sartar Companion is finished!

Submitted by Claudia on Tue, 19/10/2010 – 00:08 

It’s out – finally! – Sartar Companion is out!

I told Jeff I would not write any new blog entries until I could announce that the book is done. Uff – that was a hard weekend. It was a bit of a count down – Jeff kept me updated how many pages were left fort he layout. And then there was the index which made so many problems with the Sartar book. Not this time (juhu!).

However – Sunday evening I got angry. Yes I put a lot of pressure on Jeff to finish the book but we had friends over for dinner and a board game. For dinner Jeff left his seat which was nearly glued to his butt on the last days (food was maybe smelling too good) but I got really angry when he sat there chatting with Rick and Simon and reading when we wanted to play. OK – he got some extra minutes while I “parked” our friends in front of the TV showing them Firefly while I put Finn to bed. Then I really expected Jeff to join us (he was actually very much looking forward to the gaming evening and we both together put he date together). But he was still glued to his chair. I read the rules (he said he knew them – from three years ago – ha! He didn’t). When we started the game I got really angry because Jeff still had “only this paragraph” to write. And he pointed out that it was me who said that the book needs to be done. Grmf – it’s like somebody points your own weapon on you.

However – he came over and played with us (which was in my opinion very important for him anyways to get his mind  a bit clear), we all had fun, drank something, talked afterwards about comics, movies and games and – I was very surprised – after our friends left he went to bed! And they still got things finished the next day :).

And now a few lines about the book itself: No – I haven’t read it yet but I saw all of it – I stood behind him when he “flipped through the pdf-pages” and showed it to me (the complete book – all the little pieces I saw before fell into place like puzzle pieces). It is beautiful!

And before anybody starts to rent about typos or stuff they find in the book described differently than they are playing for 20 years – the typo is a feature and you played it wrong all the time! It is a high quality product – the team behind it tried to make it as beautiful as possible and put as much real content into it as possible (I know this – I heard all the discussions live). So buy it and have fun (the file is already at the printer – Jeff will get the “printers proof” next Monday and the printing presses will run for Sartar Companion – means with a bit of luck by the end of next week we will have boxes of books in our sleeping room – huzza!).

And – Jeff is already back writing on the Pavis book. So much this time – we drive to the game fair in Essen tomorrow – business for Jeff and a lot of fun for Finn and me!

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