A Package from Greg

Submitted by Claudia on Wed, 06/10/2010 – 09:03 

Most important thing first: When is Sartar Companion done? Rick was sick like a dog on Thursday and Friday but Jeff told me hopes the book is done next Sunday. What happened this week? Jeff and Rick worked like maniacs on Sartar Companion. OK – that’s nothing new.

Jeff is working on the Pavis book. Also nothing new.

Jeff got a mysterious package from Greg Stafford – hmmm. That was interesting. On Friday Jeff had a mysterious notice from the German customs (division in Berlin) dealing with postal packages in our letterbox. “You got a package and you have to come personally to get it from us”. Jeff got very nervous. Actually – we had friends over but Jeff couldn’t wait and one of our friends offered to drive Jeff to the place. Big mistake because of course Jeff wanted to leave ASAP. Jeff was waiting for some hand drawn notes from Greg. So they drove to the place and had their little adventure to get the notes. As Jeff told me the customs women got curious because the package was insured for $500. Means something of value had to be in there – no doubt something of value they want to sell in Germany and here customs comes into play! Jeff and our friend Marc tried to explain that insuring a package in the US is a very common thing and has nothing to do with selling goods (btw – not in Germany!). After some discussion and disbelief on both sides, Jeff had to open the package and the customs woman went all sad because there were really only some handwritten notes and drawings in the packages. Jeff and Marc helped also another couple out having the same problem over some used clothes from Japan. When they came home Jeff ranted first about the customs (I explained him that usually you do not insure packages in Germany except there is something very valuable inside) and then we lost him because he put his nose into the notes and I had really to threaten him to put them aside. After our friends left I lost him totally  – only showing up once telling me that I need to do an Ikea run (?!? – usually IKEA is the shop of hell for Jeff!) to get frames for some drawings. And he mumbled something like: “If I would had these a year ago – oh that’s fantastic – ah I have to chance x – oh that is so fantastic. Do you have any idea how old these are? Oh that is sooo fantastic!….” and so on (I’m still surprised that he had not put gloves on before touching ;). It was a very fantastic evening for Jeff. Grmpf…. 😉

So what fantastic things did he get from Greg? A paper stack (about 10 cm high) of historical and mythological maps in great detail, the secrets of the Hero Wars, notes about the future of Glorantha, detailed Information on the Lunar Empire and tons of Gloranthan Gold (Yes – I just asked Jeff about it and he showed me the stack again – he really reminded me a bit of Gollum – “…my precious…”). However – even if this maybe sounds a bit sarcastic – Greg – you made Jeff’s day with these notes (and because of that also mine). For all other – this means a lot of cool material which Jeff will put in one way or another into the Moon Design publications – means a lot of hard work for Jeff! Sorry – this time no art. Our son Finn is now for a good week in Kindergarten and we are all a bit sick – I have to go back to take care of the little one (as you know – I lost Jeff into higher spheres… ;)). Claudia

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