Kids, maps and the Sartar Companion

Submitted by Claudia on Sun, 10/10/2010 – 17:58 By Claudia Loroff

The status on Sartar Companion? Jeff told me – another week. Grmpf. I already tried to blackmail him (things he will not get until it’s done) and to encourage him (things he will get!).  He is already grinding his teeth – trust me. Especially because he can not really push things forward – Rick is doing the final bits on the layout. And as Jeff knows it already but I had to learn it – layout is an art. Never press an artist if you want to have high quality stuff out of them! And doing layout does not only include the artistic bit but also being very “pingelig” (German word for nitpicking) and perfectionist. I mean what would you think of a book with cool art, cool text but terrible layout (except you are a geeky collector)? You would not buy it. However – as I reported last time Rick was sick and now – Jeff told me – he is off with his sons for a boy scouts weekend. I said that’s fine as long as he takes his laptop with him. Jeff grinned and told me that he said the same to Rick. I mean isn’t there anything better than have a cool weekend with your boys, letting them play alone and you sit in a corner layouting gaming books? Arg – yes it’s a joke! This morning at 5.30 am Finn woke me (he is sick so we take turns sleeping in his room to comfort him – tonight was my turn) first with coughing (poor guy), than with a loud scream (not the one “I’m afraid! I had a bad dream!” but the one “I want to have attention now – get me out of the bed and entertain me!”). So I tried to ignore it with not moving and pretending to sleep. I thought maybe he falls back asleep…. Then Finn got my hair and drag on it – not in a bad way – more like “Mummy wake up!” Still I tried to ignore him pretending to sleep. Then he sat down in his little sleeping bag in the middle of his bed and started to mumble and clapping his hands (the handclapping he just learned at the kindergarten). That was so cute!!! So finally he won and I had to get up. These are the little moments you do not want to miss! Rick: of course it is more important to spend the weekend boy scouting with your sons! Everybody with a kid will fully understand that and for all you gamers without kids – it’s like you rolled a critical just in the right moment – instead of dying (which was for sure before you rolled you lucky dice) your character wins the battle, gets the treasure, the magical sword and the beautiful princess/prince! Oh – and I forgot the 1.000.000 experience points – oh sorry- wrong system – 5 hero points for amazing and fantastic roleplaying. Final conclusion: you still have to wait a few days for the book – sorry – I really do my best!Someone asked what was in Jeff’s mysterious package from Greg last week – a lot of old notes the guy from the customs would say. A lot of notes for games and cool sketches I would say. A lot of paper to play with, to draw on and to “reorganize” Finn would say (actually show because the words he can say so far is a baby-version of please, thanks, hello – and very important – hatschi which means cool stuff). A treasure pile Jeff says (and be sure – Finn does not get this papers to play with, draw on or reorganize them). So what was in there (btw. the box had the format of a usual folder and was filled with paper – making you more curious? ;)). OK – in there was a huge folder filed with maps of Gloranthan history (example, maps of Peloria showing the political boundaries and the events for every 50 years between the Dawn and 1650), maps of Gloranthan mythology (some 50-60 maps), deep background on several of the important empires and cultures of Glorantha, maps and documents pertaining to the events of the Hero Wars, artwork showing how various temples, buildings, clothing styles, etc. throughout parts of Glorantha, Celestial charts explaining the Gloranthan skies at several key events and even more! Means for Jeff Christmas, Easter, Birthday and Thanks Giving on one day! Be sure – I lost him on this material. Every evening he locks himself into his workroom drawing maps of the historical development of Gloratha for different epochs. He proudly showed me his first three maps this morning (I just put butter on my role and tried to eat), explaining the details while Finn threw eggs and bacon on the floor. But the maps looked cool! Jeff also picked up another package from Greg on Friday – this time a big tube containing big accurate maps without cities or political boundaries which Jeff can use as models for his maps for the guide of Glorantha. Finn loved the tube using his like a light sabre fighting with his dad. But now Jeff just cursed that Finn hid one of his small tubes with three precious maps of his – you see Finn is already full in gaming (maybe he thought this is a cool dagger?!?) and knows what is important! Claudia 

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