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As I wrote in the last Breakfast and Games we visited in January Greg Stafford. We drove from Seattle to San Francisco and one of our Stops was in Arcata. Picturesque little hippy-town – our rental car was smelling funny all the rest of the trip – and I promise we were not smoking anything!

We stayed in a very beautiful hotel with the feeling of the twenties – maybe Miss Marple would look around the corner to solve one of her cases. Ok – I know – that is not what you want to hear…

Yes – Jeff and Greg did a lot of business talk. Jeff went through some of Greg’s boxes of files while Finn and I spent time in the natural history museum (they had a wooden Triceratops Finn loved! And the old-style phone to listen to bird songs was his other favorite) –I think Jeff would have needed two weeks to quick-check all the notes.

However – even if we were already close with our weight limit of luggage Jeff managed to squeeze more paper in his backpack (the most precious things). The rest went into a big box which has already arrived in Berlin by post.

The next challenge was to find a way to put the paper away because you can’t find American sized sleeves and folders in Germany and please – no holes into the papers or cut them to fit them into German sized folders – this would destroy everything! Means we had to buy two pieces of new furniture to lay the paper into “hanging folders”. And Jeff told me yesterday that more is on its way… (Did I mention the Jeff’s office is under our high bed and we have a flat of 69 square meters – oh – and a very adventurous toddler!).

Now you want to know what they talked about. Sorry – I was the one who had to take care of Finn exploring Greg’s and Suzanne’s place – means I was not really able to eavesdrop. But I got a chance to go through two boxes of lead-miniatures and I squeezed a few of them into my backpack. 😉 And Finn chased Greg’s chickens (I hope after that they still produce the best eggs of the world!).

And we had a feast of crab… The pictures of the teeth of a duck and my adventures with a troll skull Jeff posted already.

OK – Jeff – what were the secrets you discussed with Greg?

Jeff’s answer: You will see some of those secrets in the next three books. Especially in the Guide to Glorantha.

So much about this visit – hopefully enough to make you curious!

A bit more news – I started the card project I talked last time about (cards with art used in the books for use in games). Here an example how it will look like (the size will be the same as a classical poker card).

Last topic: I don’t know who read this already. Until the end of March all the money Moon Design makes by selling pdf’s will go into the “Save the Children” – fundraiser to support kids in Japan (including Greg’s royalties). Means this is the best opportunity for you all to buy a lot of pdf’s!

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