HeroQuest 1 – Template: Shamanic Practice

Last revision: 2 Apr 2004

Shamanic Practice Magic Keyword


A description of the shamanic spirit and common knowledge of the practice is followed by the actual keyword. If the narrator allows a character to begin play as a shaman, the hero receives all keyword abilities, but does not automatically gain all of them if he becomes a shaman during play.

Entry Requirements:Specific requirements for the character to join the shamanic practice and take the keyword. This always includes the requirement that the hero have the natural capacity to become a shaman (although not all members have become shamans yet), but there may be other restrictions.
Homeland or Religion:The tradition of which the shamanic practice is a part, or the homeland in which it is found.
Abilities:Typical things that a person can do when they have been in this practice. Note that all members are shamans or potential shamans, so there is usually less variation in abilities among members than is the case in other practices. Most shamanic practices include the following abilities:
      Follower of [Shamanic Spirit]Open Spirit World[Shamanic Spirit] Practice KnowledgeSpirit Face.
Virtues:Desired personality traits of worshippers. Your hero may take any, all, or none of these as abilities.
Practice Spirits:The specific spirits available to members, if any, with typical abilities and ability ratings.
Because only shamans and future shamans can belong to a shamanic practice, these spirits are generally not available to other members of the tradition, even as charms.
Special Spirits:The special spirits that shamans may have access to, usually without specific abilities or ratings listed. Many of these will be one-of-a-kind, named spirits.
Spirit Ally:Availability of, or restrictions on taking, a spirit ally. Some shamanic practices restrice taking a spirit ally to specific spirits, and many limit the number of spirit allies or do not allow them at all because of the time commitments a shaman has.
Secret:The secret of a shamanic practice is always the awakening of a fetch, so this entry describes the nature of the fetch and/or the shamanic awakening.
Unless otherwise indicated in the magic keyword, a prospective shaman must always have Follower of [Shamanic Spirit][Shamanic Spirit] Practice Knowledge, and Spirit Face at a rating of 1W2 each before he can attempt to awaken his fetch.
Shamanic Abilities:The magical abilities the fetch provides to the shaman at its own rating. This almost always includes Shamanic Escape and Spirit World Travel, and may include an additional ability as well, unique to that shamanic practice.
Fetishes:The items used to hold spirits. These may be natural objects, items crafted by the shamans, or special magical items.
Other Side:The Otherworld home of the shamanic spirit. Shamans must travel there to awaken their fetch.
Disadvantages:Unusual restrictions faced by worshippers.

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