HeroQuest 1 – Template: Occupation Keyword

 Last revision: 2 Apr 2004

This is the standard format of a HeroQuest occupation keyword. In general, it is better to create a specialty within one of the existing occupations if you can, rather than creating a new occupation.

Occupation Name

Description of the profession, followed by the actual keyword in the following format:

Beginning Hero Suggestions:Suggestions for ways a member of this profession might become involved in activities in the HeroQuest game.
Appropriate Homelands:A list of homelands where the occupation appears. Eighteen basic, universal occupations (including magic occupations) appear in HeroQuest, and others appear in Imperial Lunar Handbook, Volume 1.
Abilities:Typical activities common in the occupation, the things a person can do when they have been in it.
Specializations:The ability variations found in various specialties of the occupation, usually in the form of modifiers to specific abilities. Not all occupations have specialties.
Typical Personality Traits:Usual temperament of a member of the occupation. A hero may take any, all, or none of these as abilities. It is rare to find a member of the occupation with every one of these traits.
Typical Relationships:Communities or people that members of this occupation often have as relationships. A hero may take any, all, or none of these as abilities.
Typical Followers:Typical, suggested, or possible followers. A hero who takes any of these follower can choose to make them into either retainers or sidekicks. (Heroes do not automatically gain these followers when they create a new hero with this occupation, but must include them in their narrative or list.)
Standard of Living:Typical living standard provided by the occupation. See HeroQuest for more information.
Typical Equipment:Typical equipment carried or owned by members of this occupation. If a hero has any ability that implies equipment, he generally has that equipment as well, even if it is not listed here.

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