HeroQuest 1 – Template: Hero Band

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A description of the hero band and its history is followed by a summary of its common features.

Common Names or Actual Name:Other names that the band is known by, including its actual name (if the name given in the title is a commonly known one).
Form:Basic organizational form taken by the hero band, such as “military unit”, “bandit gang”, “religious cult”, etc.
Typical Homeland:The typical homeland of most members of the hero band. For bands with no particular allegiance or origin, this entry may just say, “Any.”
Cultural Context:Position and role of the hero band within its homeland.
Ideology:The doctrines, beliefs, and general philosophy of the hero band, often expressed using a typical quote.
Look and Feel:Notes to help envision the appearance, actions, and “impact” of the hero band. This may include Real World comparisons.
Purpose:The hero band’s stated (or secret) goals and motivations.
Headquarters:The location(s) and form of the hero band’s home base, or how it operates and is contacted without one.
Reactions:Typical reactions of non-members to the hero band, concentrating on its homeland and those outsiders most likely to encounter it.


Leader:Name and distinctive features of the individual who leads the hero band.
Renowned Members:Famous, powerful, or otherwise important members of the hero band.
Membership:The number of dedicated members of the hero band, including details on different membership levels (as appropriate).
Other Contacts:Other organizations, individuals, or magic that the group may call on for aid or otherwise have access to when they need it.


A description of the manner in which the hero band is organized, followed by the membership keyword(s) available to members.

Membership Keyword

Membership Requirements:Specific requirements for the character to join the hero band and take the keyword. These might include gender, occupation, culture, or family restrictions, or even specific abilities and ratings.
Skills taught:Skills generally taught to all members of the band. A hero does not automatically gain all of these if he joins the organization during play.
Typical Personality Traits:Typical personality traits possessed by or desired of members.
Magic:Special magic available to members, if any. If the group has access to common magic, or if it encourages or requires worship of a particular Otherworld entity, this should be mentioned here.


A description of the hero band’s guardian, followed by its HeroQuest characteristics.

Method:Method by which the entity interacts with and provides magic to members, either as an archetypeemanation, or manifestation.
Form:Form taken by an emanation or manifestation in the Inner World. An archetype may have a visible form at times, and this can be described here as well.
Communication:Way in which the guardian communicates with the hero band and its members, either leadership contact or group contact. Many guardians have special effects when they communicate, and those are described here as well.
Guardian Requirements:Restrictions, actions, or strange behavior required of members by the guardian.
Functions:The magic provided by the guardian to its members. Most guardians have one awareness function, one blessing function, and one defense function.

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