HeroQuest 1 – Template: Theist Cult Magic Keyword

 Last revision: 2 Apr 2004


A description of the god or hero and common knowledge of the cult is followed by the actual keyword. A hero receives all keyword abilities if he takes the magic keyword during character creation, but does not automatically gain all of them if he joins the cult during play.

Entry Requirements:Specific requirements for the character to join the cult and take the keyword. These might include gender, occupation, culture, or family restrictions, or even specific abilities and ratings.
Religion or Homeland:The pantheon of which the cult is a part, or the homeland in which it is found.
Abilities:Typical things that a person can do when they have been in this cult. A hero can select some of these to specialize in, thereby setting himself apart from the normal membership.
Depending on the cult, different levels of membership or different types of members may have different abilities available. Most theist cults include at least the following abilities:
      Devotee of [Deity] or Initiate of [Deity]Mythology of [Deity]Soul Vision.
Virtues:Desired personality traits of worshippers. A hero may take any, all, or none of these as abilities.
Affinities and Feats:The magical affinities (if any) taught by or available to initiates, followed by a list of common feats available to devotees. Some lesser entities may only offer one or more feats to initiates, rather than a full affinity.
Secret:The secret that devotees can eventually learn from the religion, along with suggested game mechanics for direct use of the secret.
Other Side:The Otherworld home of the god or hero. Worshippers usually travel there during holy day ceremonies.
Disadvantages:Unusual restrictions faced by worshippers.

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