HeroQuest 1 – Templates (2004)

Last revision: 12 Apr 2004

The following links take you to pages that define the standard format for HeroQuest descriptions (keywords, homelands etc.)


Each magic system has peculiarities, which makes creation of a single magic keyword format impossible. Thus, below we provide the six standard magic keyword formats used by the four magic systems presented in HeroQuest: Common Religion, Theist Cult, Animist Practice, Shamanic Practice, Saintly Order, and Wizardry School.

If a category is not needed it is usually important to include it with “No entry.” or “None.” when you submit it to us, so we know that its absence is intentional. For subcults, the full magic keyword is usually not necessary, since we expect most subcults to have the same “Virtues” and “Other Side” entries as the main god, for example. Thus, for subcults, use only those sections of this format that are needed for that particular entity.

If there is special need for it, additional categories are possible.

Take a look at the samples in HeroQuest or on this web site to see what it looks like in practice:

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