HeroQuest 1 – Scenarios (2007)

Please note that these scenarios have been converted from Webpages to PDFs. Care has been taken to include all the artwork and associated materials,however the layout is not perfect. DS 2020

 Last revision: 14 Aug 2007

Here are some scenarios for narrators to use in their campaigns. Feel free to download these and use them. They are mostly written for the first edition Hero Wars rules, but they will generally be entirely compatible with HeroQuest 1.

Approved Scenarios

Converted Scenarios

The following scenarios were previously published in Runequest supplements. Treasures are not specified in terms of Hero Wars Wealth at this time. Otherwise, all game mechanics and statistics have been converted to Hero Wars by volunteers. These conversions have not been “approved” by Issaries, Inc., and so should not be considered as official conversions. We thank the volunteers for their hard work!

Fan Contributions

Fan Scenarios on Other Sites

All of the links below don’t now work. Pointers welcome.

Everything is Thunder by John Hughes.
A Monstrous Birth by Martin Dick (MS Word format).
The Broken-Foe Curser by James Frusetta.
La Lance de Yamsur (follow ‘Aventures’ link) by Arnaud Lefebure (in French).

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