HeroQuest 1 – Sample Heroes (2004)

Last revision: 30 Jan 2004

The following sample heroes come from the 10 homelands detailed in HeroQuest. There is one per occupation recommended for beginning heroes.

Although all of the basics of character creation have been completed, the player still needs to finish his hero. To do this, just follow the steps indicated below.

1. Begin with a concept of your hero.

Start with a basic conception: who do you want to play? This will make the character creation process faster and easier. Select your hero’s occupation, then print out the hero or copy the information to a blank character sheet. Feel free to change any details of the sample hero (such as gender or appearance) to fit your concept.

2. Select your hero’s goals.

Everyone has goals, and your hero should be no exception. Goals may be modest or grand, immediately achievable or long-term.

3. Describe your hero.

Pick a name from your hero’s homeland. Write down you hero’s appearance, age, and any distinguishing marks. Most of this in-formation will not be used as abilities.

4. Finish Your Hero.

Add up to a total of 20 points to the abilities on the character sheet. Use these points to make the sample hero unique and personalized. To do this, ask yourself “What else can my hero do?” It costs 1 point to raise an ability by +1; you may add no more than +10 to any one ability. With your narrator’s permission, you may add a new ability (at the default rating of 13) for 1 point; if you want your hero to be a devotee, it costs 3 points. (See the Theism chapter for details.) Finally, if you improve any magical ability, you must spend double hero points if your magic is not concentrated; see page 108 of HeroQuest for details.

Skills: Special abilities make your hero stand out from the rest. It might be a special skill, or one with a high rating.

Personality: Personality traits make your hero an individual, and help you and others conceptualize him.

Possessions: Mundane equipment is usually of little concern, but special or magical items can greatly influence a game, and merit ability ratings.

Relationships: True power can only come by influencing groups of people, and relationships are how to do it.

Followers: Every hero should have followers. Retainers are cheap, but have few capabilities and little personality. Sidekicks are more flexible and can grow with your hero.

5. You’re ready to play!

Your hero is complete: you’re ready to play!

If you don’t want to use one of the sample heroes provided here, you can just use them as guides.

The Sample Heroes

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