The Telmori


The Telmori have two basic forms – more or less ordinary human or all-but-invulnerable wolf (when the moon is full). When they are human, they can become wolf-like through magic, but to become fully wolf is a lot of magic. Or it just happens automatically on Wildday.

On Wildday the Telmori are a tribe of four-legged wolves. If well fed, they don’t have a particular compulsion to eat livestock or humans. If there is a human group that they trust and are loyalty to, they continue with that loyalty.

The werewolves in Boldhome tend to seclude themselves on Wildday. They don’t restrain themselves, they just stick to their tribal areas while in four-legged wolf form. Maybe when Salinarg was Prince, they lounged around the Royal Palace like big dogs. But for over 20 years they have been subject to abuse from Sartarite and Lunar alike. I doubt Temertain ever reestablished personal ties with the Telmori (and remember all that Sartar Dynasty stuff is personal, not really institutional) and in any case, he didn’t run Boldhome.

When the Telmori become wolves, they are still themselves but animals – they are limited to what a very clever dog can process and understand. So they still know who is friendly and unfriendly, and are capable of working together as an incredibly well-trained pack, but they are animals on that day.