Mee Vorala

[MEE voh-RAH-lah]

Aldryami and Uz pantheons

Goddess of fungi and dark elves, Source of Dark Plants

Child of Dame Darkness, sibling of Kyger Litor & Sokazub.

The world throngs with two kingdoms of life: plants and animals. All members of these kingdoms eventually die. A third kingdom, the fungi, consists of members who breed on the decay of life. Thriving on death, multiplying in corruption, feeding even on their own death, the molds, mushrooms, and slimes of Mee Vorala recycle the necessary elements of life through the world.

Her images are shaped as various plants among the elves. The trolls carve her image from dead matter on which will grow fungus, always in the shape of a leg with feet in both directions, and topped by a shape like a seven-cusped tooth.

Cult Compendium1762002Darkness Genealogy
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