First prophet of the Invisible God


The creed of the men of the West states: “There is only the Invisible God, and Malkion is his prophet.” Malkion came to men in the Darkness and taught them the ways of the Creator. He taught them to live and survive in a world which contained evil. The essence of his teaching is that the universe is not soulless for those who practice sorcery, and that they can enter the realm of Solace after death. All Malkioni regard Malkion’s principles as essential to right action. He showed men the proper social classes and how to be happy with one’s role in life.

Portraits show him as a stately man in robes of the current fashion, bearded or not as is currently in vogue, with his right hand raised in the gesture of solace. His arms are a silver circle beneath which sits a silver castle, all on a blue background. The circle and castle are separated by crossed silver rods.

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