Personalities of Glorantha – Joh Mith (1999)

illustration by Dario Corallo

Originally published in Griffin Mountain (1981)

Location: Balazar, occasionally Sartar

Joh Mith is an Issaries Goldentongue Priest, and so is a traveling trader by profession. He is an older man, in his early 40s, and israther overweight despite the rigors of caravan life. He carries himself well, and always has a smile and a good word. Joh is a good fighter, but if push comes to shove he will defer combat to his younger wife (the Goldentongue Priestess Zix Porub) and their various guards. He is no slacker, however, and will usually support them with magic.

Joh makes the rounds from citadel to citadel, and then returns to civilized areas (such as Sartar). His caravan takes out the furs and feathers of the natives and brings in metal wares and trade goods. He also makes occasional appearances at clan meetings and so on, but this is often left to his assistants. Joh and his crew predate the other Lightbringer worshipers in this area, and first came to the region with a former Esrolian mercenary named Ostakker Three-Scar(who runs an inn in the citadel of Dykene). Joh maintains a friendly and informal relationship with the other Lightbringers, attempting to keep as neutral as possible, but he sees them as potential trouble to his trading plans.

Because of his journeys through Balazar, Joh considers himself an expert on the region. Though he is not always right, most outsiders take his word as fact.

One secret that Joh keeps is the existence of a giant merchant’s castle in the far-off mountains in the Elder Wilds. He has been thereat least twice, and is considering going again, as his first journeys were extremely profitable. These journeys give Joh Mith a knowledge of the Elder Wilds that few other humans can equal.

The Issaries organization in Trilus is a family affair. The caravan is run by Joh and his second wife, Zix Porub. Zix is 27 and has been married to Joh since she was 16. The lodging house inTrilus, the Stuck Pig, is run by Joh’s son (by his first wife) DjimmMith. Joh is very proud of his boy. Joh has three children by his second wife. They are Tahm, Treesha, and Dushi (named after the Lightbringer healer of Trilus). They can usually be found at the Lightbringer hall, dogging the steps of “Aunt” Dushi Sone.

Joh is a friend and former adventuring companion of Gringle Goodsell, the famous Issaries Rune Lord who once resided in AppleLane, Sartar. He is always interested in hearing news of his friend(who is currently on the run from the Lunars), and will trade one good story to hear another one about him.

Note: Griffin Mountain was a 2nd edition RuneQuest product, and Joh Mith and Zix Porub were both described as Rune Lords. This status no longer exists in the current edition of the rules.

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