Personality of the Month – Granny Keeneye (1998)

Originally published in the Avalon Hill supplement Griffin Island (1986).

Location: The Elder Wilds

Artist, Dario Corello

Some of the Votanki of Balazar believe that Granny Keeneye is a myth — an evil witch invented by clan elders to frighten youngsters. Others say that she is an evil spirit, a hideous succubus who has stalked the northern wilds since Balazar’s time.

Those who believe in Granny Keeneye are right. She began as a spirit who served the Cacodemon, Krjalk, or some other chaotic entity. She became a wandering priestess of her god, and finally was “adopted” by a degenerate clan of Votanki hunters, and became an embodied spirit. She is resentful of humankind and most life in general, and is responsible for a number of atrocities committed on both men and beasts in the wilderness. Life is cheap to her, and she wastes a great deal of it.

Granny Keeneye is an immortal spirit that has possessed an unbroken string of bodies for centuries, each incarnation passing on the same spirit and intelligence to her successor. Though her spirit can only possess adult female humans, elves, dwarfs, or other humanoids, her chaotic spirit warps the body. Over time, the body takes on chaotic and supernatural features as it metamorphoses toward her “true form” — something entirely non-humanoid. This progresses slowly with the years; depending on how far the degeneration has progressed she may have horns, a dozen breasts, oozing sores, glowing eyes, warty skin, a skull face, vipers instead of body hair, and poisonous breath.

When it becomes impossible for Granny Keeneye to seem human, even when heavily robed, she exchanges bodies with another victim, passing the victim’s spirit into her used body. The new spirit usually goes insane in this shambling form and becomes a chaotic monstrosity, bent on destroying to survive.

As her body mutates, Granny Keeneye may or may not take on one or several chaos features. These will usually (5 times in 6) be beneficial, rather than detrimental. Granny Keeneye spends her time committing evil deeds and making sacrifices; though she worships the gods of chaos, she does not give up her freedom by devoting herself to them. She usually has a wide array of poisons and lesser magical items (such as stolen clan medicine bundles) with her. She will usually have at least one enchanted item of great significance,something worth questing after.

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