Personalities of Glorantha – Londra of Londros (1998)

illustration by Rick Becker

originally published in Wyrms Footnotes #11

This write-up as of Sea Season, 1617 S.T.

Sword of Humakt, Priest of Orlanth and an Initiate of Geo. A Sartar poor noble of the Colymar Tribe, Bayberry Clan.

Londra was born on Godday, Disorder Week, Dark Season in 1598. The later famous member of the Temple of the Wooden Sword spent her youth among the hills of her native Sartar. Her father was the head of the family hearth, which Londra chose to leave when she and some cousins joined the local temple to Humakt, the Sartar Wargod.

Of all the youths, Londra proved to be a prodigy, and all of the Lords and priests of the temple marvelled at her advancement in magical skill and the number of successful adventures which she led. Among her most famous exploits was her leading the famed Founding of the Wooden Sword, and her establishing that temple inside of a troll stronghold. Other songs now sung of the Wooden Sword include The Wooden Sword in Dorastor, Defense of the Sword against Zorak Zoran, the epic Quest to the Wounding of Arroin (including the Death of Urrrggh), and the surprising Dissolution of the Wooden Sword.

At present Londra is serving under the Wind Temple as a priest of Orlanth and serves as a Household Champion for the Londros household. Rumors indicate that there may be legal action taken against Londra by the King of the Colymar for control of the fortune left after the death of Urrrggh.

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