Personalities of Glorantha – Gondo Holst (1999)

created by Paul Jaquays
originally published in 
Griffin Mountain
Location: Balazar and the Elder Wilds

Gondo Holst appears to be a large but spry old man, a priest of Lokarnos, merchant god of the Yelm Pantheon. That is part of his disguise, for Gondo Holst is an ogre, and a Talon [priest] of the despicable Cacodemon cult. He is currently seeking persons to guard his troupe of travelers. Gondo travels regularly to a particular Chaos shrine in the Elder Wilds, though if people ask why he is traveling into the Wilds he claims to perform rituals for the nomad chieftains that sometimes roam there. He has summoned Cacodemon in the past, though the task is dangerous enough that he attempts this only rarely.

Gondo’s caravan is guarded by a number of his initiate followers, most or all of whom are also ogres. He also has a number of zombie warriors and guards, though he allows only the most recently created ones to be seen (even then heavily covered in robes), usually serving as drivers. Gondo often makes common cause with other chaos worshipers, in particular a band of jack o’bears that is very loyal to Gondo because of his favorable treatment of them. However, to protect his cover story, any chaos worshipers who ally with Gondo must be capable of passing as human, or must remain cooped up in the back of his wagon most of the time. Finally, it is not unusual for Gondo to have one or more prisoners bound and gagged in the back of his wagons, in preparation for a visit to his patron deity’s shrine. Gondo possesses three sets of Slave Bracelets, and uses them to keep his captives weak and docile. His wagons are drawn by domesticated bisons, and if pressed he will usually claim that his drivers are Praxian as well.

Gondo has recently entered into an alliance with Marusa, the priestess of Jakaleel the Witch who lives in Elkoi. He performs tasks for her for pay, and also for her actions to keep the Lunar authorities away from Gondo and his activities. She has recently commissioned him to arrange the death of one of the Balazaring citadel kings.

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