TP009 The Lady of Alone ()

 This KRAKEN Chapbook contains a previously unpublished Griselda story by Oliver Dickinson. The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

Although it is widely believed in Pavis that all the adventurers, crooks and heavies who went on board the Giant’s Cradle to defend it (see the story The Cradlesnatchers) are dead, including Griselda, Olaf finds this hard to accept. Even when he leaves Pavis (because of all the heat developing there), he goes looking for her when told that she did in fact survive the Cradle adventure. On his way to Alone, her birthplace, he finally meets her again and hears the story of her adventures since the Cradle and how she has become the Lady of Alone; he also discovers one last piece of previously unknown information about her.

25 pages. PDF only.

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