TP006 Meet the Parents ()

This KRAKEN Chapbook contains a previously unpublished Griselda story by Oliver Dickinson. The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

When Griselda’s father Hereward arrives in Pavis, accompanied by Hanufa’s sister Felissa, much begins to be revealed about Griselda’s family background and her real reason for being in Pavis. It also becomes clear that Constable Jorjar adventured with Hereward and Griselda’s mother Regina when they were all young, and did not know that they had married. When Jorjar arrests Hereward on criminal charges, and simultaneously Regina (the only person who can intimidate Griselda) arrives in Pavis to disentangle Hereward from Felissa, the stage is set for the most remarkable revelations of all.

31 pages. PDF only.

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