TP008 A Brief Return to the Rubble ()

This KRAKEN Chapbook contains a previously unpublished Griselda story (a sequel to No Way For A Lady To Behave) by Oliver Dickinson. The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

When the story of Aurelia’s ingratitude to Griselda becomes current, Aurelia accuses her formally of stealing from her and also informs against Rowdy Djoh Lo and his customers. Griselda and Wolfhead disappear into the Rubble, but the Pavis cult is supporting Griselda, and when she is given a hearing before the Governor she is vindicated, while Aurelia is disgraced. Griselda explains everything in Rowdy Djoh Lo’s later, and Olaf wins his bet that she will overcome her difficulties some way.

17 pages. PDF only.

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