TP003 Ogre Hunt (2017)

Ogre Hunt

A Griselda Story

A group of Duke Raus’s people arrive in Pavis in pursuit of Jarst Daro, an Ogre who infiltrated the Garhound Contest (see Sun County), fled when revealed, and is believed to have taken refuge in the Troll section of the Rubble. As an authority on the Rubble Trolls, Griselda is appealed to for information and eventually gets involved in the hunt, which reaches a thrilling climax out on the Plaines of Prax.

This story is a dramatised form of events following the Garhound Contest of 1617 in the Borderlands campaign that I used to run for myself, centring on a group of mercenaries called The Bows who work for Duke Raus (you can get some idea of them from the monologue “Tough Here on Broos”, which appeared in the Anthology for Convulsion, The Next Generation, pp. 36-9). I brought Griselda into the story and ran her with the published RQ3 stats.


  • Author: Oliver Dickinson
  • Project Idea & Development: Fabian Küchler
  • Editing Oliver Dickinson: Fabian Küchler
  • Proofreading: Yohann Delalande
  • Design & Layout: Claudia Schille
  • This Chapbook PDF is a fundraiser for THE KRAKEN, published by Tentacles Press (RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V.), February 2017. For more information about THE KRAKEN visit
  • 24 pages
  • PDF only


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