CHA4400 13th Age Glorantha (2018)

Designers: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet

Additional Design: Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Cal Moore, Ash Law

Cover: Aaron McConnell & Lee Moyer

Back Cover Crimson Bat: Sam Wood

Artists & Illustrators: Jan Pospíšil, Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Mara Braun, Simon Bray, Caleb Cleveland, Jed Dougherty, Steve Ellis, Andrey Fetisov, Rich Fleider, Lisa Free, Chris Huth, Jennell Jaquays, Kalin Kadiev, Rachel Kahn, Jennifer Lange, Rhonda Libbey, Pat Loboyko, Michelle Lockamy, Eric Lofgren, Rich Longmore, Aaron McConnell, Christine Mitzuk, Lee Moyer, Jakob Rebelka, Naomi Robinson, Simon Roy, Cory Trego-Erdner, Jennifer Wildes, Sam Wood; and a special thank you to Petersen Games for allowing us to use art from The Gods War!

Art Directors: Michael O’Brien, Rob Heinsoo, Jeff Richard

Cartography: Darya Makarava

Editor & Developer: Cal Moore

Layout: Chris Huth

Project Development (Chaosium, Inc.): Neil Robinson

Part of the 13th Age Glorantha Kickstarter

Notes: This book requires the core 13th Age rulebook by Pelgrane Press. The 13th Age Bestiary is also recommended.

Formats & Printing

CHA4400-H13th Age Glorantha, hard cover2018
CHA4400-L13th Age Glorantha, leatherette cover2018
CHA4400-PDF13th Age Glorantha PDF, PDF of CHA4400-H 13th Age Glorantha, hard cover

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