CHA4034 The Red Book of Magic (2020)

RuneQuest – Rune and Spirit Magic

The Red Book of Magic is the ultimate guide to spirit and Rune magic.
Written by Zzabur the Sorcerer Supreme, this indispensible arcane tome contains all known spells of the Gloranthan cults and shamans, making it an essential aid for players and gamemasters.
The Red Book of Magic contains:

  • Over 500 Rune spells, rituals, and spirit magic spells, many of which are published here for the first time.
  • New magical creatures such as war trees, giant loons, manlings, and Luxites to pit against adventurers and foes alike.
  • Information about Rune metals, healing plants, and illusions.
  • Rules for using ritual practices and other methods to improve your chances of spellcasting success.
  • The esoteric secrets of Hepherones’ Statement of Magic.
  • Rules for devising your own Rune spells.

The Red Book of Magic is the definitive reference for spirit and Rune magic.
The spells within include refinements, corrections, and expansions from those presented in the RuneQuest rules, all within one easy-to-use volume.


  • By Jeff Richard, Greg Stafford, Steve Perrin, And Sandy Petersen
  • With Nick Brooke, Reid Hoffman, Jennell Jaquays, Ken Kaufer, Rudy Kraft, Claudia Loroff, Steve Marsh, Daniel Mccluskey, John Natze, Michael O’brien, Ken Rolston, David Scott, Sean Summers, Anders Swenson, And Lynn Willis
  • Cover Artist: Mark Smylie
  • Editor-In-Chief: Jeff Richard
  • Runequest Creative Director: Jason Durall
  • Copyediting & Proofreading: Ed Bolme, Chris Harris
  • Art Direction: Jaye Kovach & Aron Tarbuck
  • Design & Layout: Simeon Cogswell
  • Additional Design & Layout: Rick Meints
  • Artists: Hazem Ameen, Dimitrina Angelska, Ben Bauchau, Thomas Haller Buchanan, Joshua Cairós, Antonia Doncheva, Nick Grey, Chris Huth, Kalin Kadiev, Roman Kisyov, Jennifer S. Lange, Jeff Laubenstein, Anh Le, Rhonda Libbey, Michelle Lockamy, Daniel Macaluso, Lionel Marty, John Mccambridge, Evelyne Park, Eleonor Piteira, Jan Pospíšil, Riley Spalding, Gábor Szügyi, Cory Trego-Erdner, Meagan Trott, Katie Wakelin
  • Special Thanks To: Ryan Badham, Andrew Bean, Simon Bray, Pam Carlson, David Dunham, Daniel Ferranti, Todd Gardiner, Christopher Gidlow, David Hall, Michael Hagen, Kalin Kadiev, David Larkins, Robin Laws, Mike Mason, Scott Martin, Rick Meints, Andrew Logan Montgomery, And Neil Robinson
  • ISBN 978-1-56882-523-6


CHA4034-HThe Red Book of Magic2020Hardcover
CHA4034-LThe Red Book of Magic2020Leatherette
CHA4034-PDFThe Red Book of Magic2020PDF
Rune Spell Reference2020PDF
The Red Book of Magic2019Preview Edition: Gen Con 2019
Limited edition softcover


  • Introduction
    • What is in this Book?
    • What is Magic?
    • Hepherones’ Statement of Magic
    • Spell Terminology
    • Increasing the Chance of Success
  • Rune Magic
    • What is Rune Magic?
    • How Does Rune Magic Appear, Sound, and Feel?
    • Characteristics of Rune Spells
    • Common Rune Magic
    • Stackable Rune Magic
    • One-use Rune Spells
    • Devising New Rune Spells
    • Rune Spell Descriptions
    • Rune Metals
    • Heal Wound
    • Illusions
    • Healing Plants
    • Ancestral Spirits
  • Spirit Magic
    • How Does Spirit Magic Appear, Sound, and Feel?
    • Learning Spirit Magic
    • Limits to Spirit Spell Holding
    • The Focus
    • Spellcasting Ability
    • Resistance Roll
    • Spell Strike Rank
    • Spell Limits
    • Range
    • Duration
    • Spirit Magic Descriptions
  • Index

See Below for spell lists

Preview Edition: Gen Con 2019


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