Solar Pantheon

In the Golden Age, Yelm ruled the universe with benevolence and perfection. This time of elegance and happiness continued for eons until the time of the Rebel Gods, who murdered Yelm, destroyed his empire, and fell to squabbling with each other over the shards of the world. But Yelm’s purity and virtue brought Orlanth and the more important Rebel Gods to him, repentant. Yelm returned to the world, though now he must spend half of his time in the underworld.

Yelm worship once was much more wide-spread than the current distribution. The religion in its pure form survives in only a few important places. Many separate regions recognize the sun god as overlord or a major force. The solar religion is organized in imperial fashion with Yelm as ruler and emperor. This pantheon is worshiped by members of all human races. It is also popular among elves and certain other non-humans.

The members of the Solar Pantheon include:

There are also the Elder gods:

They also recognize, but curse the Rebel Gods.

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