L’Arche d’Anaxial (2001) (FR)

L’Arche D’Anaxial includes the complete text of Anaxial’s Roster. It is a 286 page softcover book, and includes all new artwork. It also includes a brand new adventure, Par le Sang de la Bete (“In the Belly of the Beast”).


Publisher: MultiSim

Product Code: (unknown)

Publishing Year: 2001

Pages: 286

Cover Price: 185FF / 28,20€

Author(s): Jamie Revell, Greg Stafford, Mathias Twardowski & Xavier Spinat (original scenario)

Translator(s): Thomas Bousser, Julian Lord

Artist(s): Bernard Bittler & Franck Achard (cover), Bernard Bittler (interior), Sophie Guilbert (maps)

System: Hero Wars

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 2-84476-091-0


The table of contents has been loosely translated in English for convenience.

  1. Introduction
  2. Creatures of the Ark
    • Second Deck: Creatures of Above
    • Third Deck: Domesticated Animals
    • Fourth Deck: Wild Prey Animals
    • Fifth Deck: Wild Predators
    • Sixth Deck: Creatures of Below
    • Seventh Deck: Aquatic Creatures
  3. The Survivors
    • Elder Races: The Monster Army
    • Gigantic Creatures: Gazzam and Giants
    • Chaotic Creatures: Unnatural Creatures
    • Monsters: Dragons and Digijelm
  4. Otherworld Entities
    • Daimones
    • Essences
    • Embodied Spirits
    • Discorporate Spirits
    • Demons
    • Abherations
  5. Blood of the Beast (HeroWars scenario)
  6. Index

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