French version of the Hero Wars rulebook, published in 2000 by MultiSim.


Publisher: MultiSim

Product Code: (unknown)

Publishing Year: 2000

Pages: 320

Cover Price: 190FF / 28,97€

Author(s): Robin Laws, Greg Stafford, Roderick Robertson, Shannon Appel, and friends

Translator: Xavier Spinat

Artist(s): Bernard Bittler & Franck Achard (cover), Marc Moreno (interior)

System: Hero Wars

Format: Hardcover


The table of contents has been roughly translated in English for convenience:

  • Book of Heroes
    1. Starting
    2. Presentation of Glorantha
    3. Characters
    4. Keywords for Characters
    5. Playing Hero Wars
  • Book of Magic
    1. The Magic World
    2. Polytheism
    3. Sorcery
    4. Animism
    5. Mysticism
    6. Advanced Magic
  • Book of the Narrator
    1. Directing games
    2. Magic of the Otherworlds
    3. Relationships
    4. Creatures
    5. Chaos Never Sleeps (original adventure)

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