Glorantha Pavis (2001) (FR)

Pavis: Glorantha is a completely new book that provides background information for the city and peoples of Pavis. Although much of the information is translated from Pavis and Big Rubble, the book contains new information, as well as all new artwork.

Pavis: Glorantha is a 160 page softcover book.


Publisher: MultiSim

Product Code: (unknown)

Publishing Year: 2001

Pages: 160

Cover Price: 160FF / 24,39€

Author(s): Robin Laws, Thomas Bousser, Guillaume Fournier, Yann Khérian, Habib Kossomac, Grégory Molle, Raphaël Mournat, Cyril Pasteau, Geoffrey Picard, Grégory Privat, Xavier Spinat, Arnaud Splendore, Mathias Twardowski, Léonidas Vesperini, Isabelle Périer

Artist(s): Bernard Bittler (cover), Sophie Guilbert (maps), Bernard Bittler (interior)

System: Systemless

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 2-84476-079-1


  • Pavis County
    • Land of Giants
    • The Oasis Folk
    • Pavis Inhabitants
    • Threats
    • The Hero Wars
    • Map of the Valley of Cradles
  • Pavis
    • Pavis Visitor Guide
    • Town Center
    • Downtown
    • Riverside
    • Lunar Quarter
    • Farmers’ Quarter
    • Oldtown
    • Rich Hill
    • Outside the Walls
    • Relationships
    • Map of New Pavis
    • Map of the Big Rubble
  • The Big Rubble
    • Detailed History
    • Manside
    • Big Grazing
    • The Garden
    • Troll Stronglands
    • Huntlands
    • Daily Life in the Big Rubble
    • The Hero Wars
  • Sun Country
    • Yelmalio Cult
    • The Yelmalites
    • Threats
    • The Hero Wars
    • Map of the Valley
  • Lunar Grantlands
    • Colonial Policies of the Empire
    • Concessions
    • Corflu
    • Threats
    • The Hero Wars

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