HeroWars Pavis

This is a French sourcebook on Pavis published by MultiSim in 2001. It complements the Glorantha Pavis book with gaming material.


Publisher: MultiSim

Product Code: (unknown)

Publishing Year: 2001

Pages: 160

Cover Price: 160FF / 24,39€

Author(s): Thomas Bousser, Yann Khérian, Habib Kossomac, Grégory Molle, Cyril Pasteau, Grégory Privat, Xavier Spinat, Arnaud Splendore, Mathias Twardowski, Isabelle Périer

Artist(s): Bernard Bittler & Franck Achard (cover), Bernard Bittler (interior)

System: Hero Wars

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 2-84476-078-3


The table to contents has been loosely translated to English for convenience.

  • The Book of Heroes
    • The Oasis Folk
    • The River People
    • The Praxians
    • The Pavis Inhabitants
    • The Yelmalites
    • The Lunars
  • The Book of the Narrator
    • Secondary Characters
      • The Oasis Folk
      • The Riverfolk
      • The Paxians
      • The Pavis Inhabitants
      • The Yelmalites
      • The Lunars
      • The Elder Races
      • The Chaos Creatures
    • Heroquests
      • Pavis the Great Founder
      • The Ordeal of the Purified
      • Ascension of Tada’s Tumulus
      • Alliance of Yelmalio and Zola Fel
    • The Hero Wars
      • Directing a Campaign
        • Pavis County
        • Pavis
        • The Big Rubble
        • Sun County
        • Lunar Grantlands
      • Episode 1: The Cradle’s Coming
      • Episode 2: In the Eyes of the Gods
      • Episode 3: Pavis’ Rebirth
      • Plan of the Cradle

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