HeroWars Pavis (2001) (FR)

This is a French sourcebook on Pavis published by MultiSim in 2001. It complements the Glorantha Pavis book with gaming material.

Pavis: Hero Wars is a completely new book that provides Hero Wars keywords and rules for the many peoples of Pavis. It includes cultural, occupational, and magical keywords for the Oasis People, River People, Praxians, Pavic Humans, Yelmalions, Lunars, and Elder Races of the city of Pavis, many of which were developed in conjunction with Issaries, Inc. It also includes four heroquests, statistics for many important local personnages, and three scenarios. One, Le Passage du Berceau, is based on The Giant’s Cradle, originally published for Runequest. The other two, Dans L’Oeil des Dieux (“In the Eye of the Gods”) and Le Renouveau de Pavis (“The Renewal of Pavis,” a scenario utilizing the Lunar Coders, first presented in Strangers in Prax), are completely new.

Pavis: Hero Wars is a 160 page softcover book, and includes all new artwork.


Publisher: MultiSim

Product Code: (unknown)

Publishing Year: 2001

Pages: 160

Cover Price: 160FF / 24,39€

Author(s): Thomas Bousser, Yann Khérian, Habib Kossomac, Grégory Molle, Cyril Pasteau, Grégory Privat, Xavier Spinat, Arnaud Splendore, Mathias Twardowski, Isabelle Périer

Artist(s): Bernard Bittler & Franck Achard (cover), Bernard Bittler (interior)

System: Hero Wars

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 2-84476-078-3


The table to contents has been loosely translated to English for convenience.

  • The Book of Heroes
    • The Oasis Folk
    • The River People
    • The Praxians
    • The Pavis Inhabitants
    • The Yelmalites
    • The Lunars
  • The Book of the Narrator
    • Secondary Characters
      • The Oasis Folk
      • The Riverfolk
      • The Paxians
      • The Pavis Inhabitants
      • The Yelmalites
      • The Lunars
      • The Elder Races
      • The Chaos Creatures
    • Heroquests
      • Pavis the Great Founder
      • The Ordeal of the Purified
      • Ascension of Tada’s Tumulus
      • Alliance of Yelmalio and Zola Fel
    • The Hero Wars
      • Directing a Campaign
        • Pavis County
        • Pavis
        • The Big Rubble
        • Sun County
        • Lunar Grantlands
      • Episode 1: The Cradle’s Coming
      • Episode 2: In the Eyes of the Gods
      • Episode 3: Pavis’ Rebirth
      • Plan of the Cradle

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