ISS1602 Deluxe Hero Wars Handouts (2000)

  • Product Number ISS1602.
  • ISBN none.
  • 56 pages; 8.5″x11″ size, illustrated, maps.

  • Synopsis of Rules
    • 6 page booklet. All You Need to Know to Play.
  • Hero Wars Glossary of Terms 12 page booklet.
    • An extensive listing of game and Gloranthan terms for easy reference.
  • Sample Hero Bands and Starting Characters
    • Four sample Hero Bands. Give them to the players and they have a place to start. Heroes ready to play. Write their stats on a character sheet and you can begin.
  • Blank Character Sheets
    • Ready to record your original heroes.
  • Map of Dragon Pass
    • Large map showing the place where the Hero Wars Ignite!
  • Map of Glorantha
    • The World of the Hero Wars.

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