ISS1402 Sartar Rising Volume 2 – Orlanth is Dead! (2002)

  • Orlanth is Dead! By Greg Stafford and friends
  • Product Number ISS 1402.
  • ISBN 1-929052-15-4.
  • $14.95
  • 72 pages, standard format
  • Cover art by Stephen Lanham
  • Published by Issaries, Inc. 2002

Orlanth is Dead!, begins the Sartar Campaign with an epic conflict against the Lunar Empire. Whitewall has fallen, and all across Dragon Pass the winds have stopped. As winter deepens and spring fails to come, the rebellion begins in southern Sartar at the supernatural struggle later known as the Battle of Iceland. Despite the epic scope of this Great Event, it is not just for the demigod types, but for any hero who might attain such status! Where will you be when the Hero Wars begin?

Also includes a timeline of the Sartar Campaign, secrets of Kallyr Starbrow and the many Argraths, a Clan Questionnaire, a magical keyword for Yelmalio, and Hero Wars statistics for eight great leaders of the rebellion.

Orlanth is Dead! is the second book of the Sartar Rising campaign. It builds upon the information provided in Barbarian Adventures, the first book of the Sartar Rising series.

Table of Contents

  •     Welcome to the Hero Wars (Introduction)
  •     The Sartar Campaign:
    • Hero Wars Timeline
    • Kallyr Starbrow
    • Solving the Mystery of Argrath
  •     Your Clan: Clan Questionnaire
  •     Heortling Warfare
  •     Narrator Resources:
    • Imperial Foes
    • Yelmalion Mercenaries
    • Rebel Leaders
  •     Orlanth is Dead!
  •     The Battle of Iceland
  •     Epilogue
  •     Index

Additional material

Battle of Iceland Final map
Battle of Iceland Blank player map

Orlanth is Dead – Corrections (2004)

Updated: 13 Oct 2004

  • Many of the non-player heroes have no Hate Lunars ability, but their The Rebellion rating is equivalent, or at least could be used as such.
  • Page 1 The credits are incomplete. Boris Sirbey should be listed under Interior illustrations.
  • Page 9 The timeline has the Crimson Bat appearing as part of the forces brought against Whitewall in 1621, as part of the final Lunar assault against the city, when in fact the Crimson Bat was attacked and repelled in 1619 (KoS 148). There was no intention to change this, it is just a case of misremembered details which no one caught.
  • Page 11 In entries for 1621 and 1622: “pg. XX” left in. Should be 43 and 53, respectively.
  • Page 26 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: “and can use an appropriate”.
  • Page 26 Narrating the battle, 4th sentence: “of the former, often”.
  • Page 29 1st paragraph, 3rd sentence: remove “against”.
  • Page 30 The Divizzi Guards wear “elaborate armor of bronze scale mail”, but this is not reflected in their stats. Perhaps it is their ceremonial uniform?
  • Page 31 The first “To combat them” box (bottom left) applies to the Scorching Swords, the second to the Yelmalion mercenaries.
  • Page 35 Lyzal Beater’s club is printed as ^[movement rune]. Should be ^2.
  • Page 35 A clarification: Broyan’s ranged combat score of 16w2 is correct, as is the contest synopsis Ranged Combat (Ingard: 2W2). Broyan is better at ranged combat than his follower, he is also the high king, and does not take the lead in such contests
  • Page 39 Kallyr has two different values for “Queen of the Kheldon Tribe”, one in the center box and one in the relationship box. The center box has the correct value, and this is the value that should have been in the relationship box; the ability should not be listed in the center box.
  • Page 39 The augment from Kallyr’s Combat affinity should be +3, not +4.
  • Page 40 The Lawstaff gives a +6 augment to Close Combat, not +4.
  • Page 42 Orstalor the Spearlord — Contest Synopsis. All the runes, edge markers, etc. are missing. It shows 8_3 instead of 8w3, for example. The complete contest synopsis should thus be: Contest Synopsis
    • Ambush (Orstalor) 8w2
    • Close Combat (Orstalor) 3w3^4 (+120 AP)
    • Ranged Combat (Orstalor) 20w2^3 (+118 AP)
    • Contest Synopsis – No Orlanth Magic
    • Ambush (Orstalor) 3w2
    • Close Combat (Orstalor) 18w2^4 (+114 AP)
    • Ranged Combat (Orstalor) 15w2^3 (+112 AP)
  • Page 43 It should be noted that worshippers of the Helamakt subcult of Heler do not lose their magic during the period preceding the Battle of Iceland, although worshippers of Helamakt as a subcult of Orlanth do. (Similar effects occur with other subcults shared by Orlanth or Ernalda and another deity.) Such is the fluid nature of Orlanthi magic.
  • Page 51 The map of Auroch Hills is an earlier, incomplete version. The final map is available above.
  • Page 54 Command structure, 2nd paragraph: “one of the battle units.”
  • Page 67 Wyter communication: “the clan’s hearths suddenly” (although “hearts” is kind of poetic…)

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