ISS1103 Anaxial’s Roster: Creatures of the Hero Wars (2000)

A Compilation of Creatures for Hero Wars

Anaxial’s Roster provides descriptions for many mundane and magical creatures of Genertela, along with that continent’s key sentient races and a selection of powerful Otherworld entities. No such listing can be definitive, and the narrator should make up new creatures as necessary. Further creatures appear in the Narrator’s Book, and future supplements will detail others as the need arises. We have tried to include creatures that heroes will find interesting or challenging, whether as opponents, allies, prey, or even followers. Sentient creatures with complex cultures have necessarily brief write-ups in this book. Many of these races will be the focus of future Hero Wars products, which will explore their societies in much greater detail.

Anaxial’s Roster, Creatures of the Hero Wars
  Product Number ISS1103. ISBN: 1-929052-07-3. $19.95
  256 pages, Trade Paperback format, Illustrated.

By Jamie Revell and Greg Stafford
Additional material by Stephen Martin
Cover art and interior illustrations by Heather Bruton
Thanks to Roderick Robertson, André Jarosch, David Dunham, and Jeff Kyer for reviews and comments

A million kinds of beasts live on the continent of Genertela in Glorantha. They appear in all the stories of the world. Some are friends, many are foes, a few are magical harbingers, and others are just food. Horses, dogs, and cats are nearly ubiquitous, wolf packs and metal goats are foes, ravens and rattlesnakes can talk, and cattle and deer are the feasts of every story.

This book contains over 150 entries describing more than 300 animals, monsters, and other creatures, including game statistics, origin myths, and other pertinent facts. Fifty illustrations illuminate the text. Eleven additional stories animate the collection. These creatures of the Hero Wars are a part of a changing world, where men can become immortal. The old ways are over, and even some creatures can become gods.


Two sample layouts from the book:

Distribution Lists

When working on Anaxial’s Roster, we planned to include Distribution Lists as a narrator aid. At the last moment, these listings had to be cut to avoid cutting additional creature write-ups. We include them here as quick references to narrators who need to create an encounter:

Anaxial’s Roster is divided into sections based on the Dara Happan classification of animals. These sections are:


  • Introduction: Anaxial’s Ark
    • Anaxial’s Ark
    • Genertela
  • Creatures of Above
    • Vrimak and Avarnia
  • Domesticated Animals
    • How Cats Domesticated People
  • Wild Prey Animals
    • The First Herd
    • Vadrus and the Logic Tribe
  • Wild Predators
  • Creatures of Below
  • Aquatic Creatures
    • The Descendants of Wartain
  • Outside the Ark: Other Survivors
  • The Monster Army
  • Gigantic Creatures
    • Lodril Paints the Animals
  • Monsters
  • Unnatural Creatures
    • The Migration Downland
  • Otherworld Entities: “The First Deck”
  • Daimones
  • Essences
    • Zzabur’s Descent of Animals
  • Embodied Spirits
    • An Aldryami Shaman’s Grove
  • Otherworld Spirits
  • Demons
  • Unusual Entities
    • Uleria Tames the Boggles
  • Index

The following creatures are included in the book. Many have additional subtypes not listed here:

Aepyornis (Demibird), Alligator, Altinae, Alynx, Aramite (Tusk Rider), Augner, Aurochs, Baboon, Bagogi (Scorpion Man), Basilisk, Bears, Bobcat, Boggle, Brindithum, Brotard (Brontosaur), Cat (Domestic Cat, Flint Cat), Certamus, Constrictor Snake, Crocodile, Destixin, Dogs, Domestic Cattle, Do-karal (Jack-o-bear), Donkey, Dragonewts, Dragonsnail, Dream Dragon (Fire Dragon, Black Dragon), Dringi, Eagle, Eastern Dragon (Burrowing Dragon, Sea Dragon), Elementals (Gnome, Salamander, Shade, Sylph, Undine), Elephants, Elves (Embyli, Vronkali), Eskaval, Foxes, Gangan (Ankylosaur), Gargoyles, Gern (Herd Man), Ghoul, Giant Ant, Giant Bat, Giant Crab, Giant Eagle, Giant Scorpion, Giant Wasp, Goats, Gobbler, Golden Lions, Gonn Orta, the Green Dragon, Griffins (Owl-lion), Grotaron, Hares, Healing Spirits, Hellion, High Llama, Hippogriff, Horses, Hrimthur, Huan To, Hyena, Impala, Jolanti, Jukhar, Karkar (Cliff Toad), Karrg Beetle, Kilin, Kivis (Fire Bear), Kon-kon, Krarshtkid, Lavala (Rock Lizard), Lesser Hydra, Lion, Luathan, Ludoch, Lunemari (Lune, Madness Spirit, Vecors), Magisaur, Manticore, Memovore, Minotaur, Monoceros (Greater Unicorn), Morokanth, Mule, Nakasa, Nar Sylla (Wind Child), Nature Spirits, Newtling, Nilmerg, Nur-San, Nymphs, Ogre, Oread, Ostrich, Ouori, Panthers, Passion Spirits, Pigs, Potameid, Quenlarg, Redcap, Rhinoceroses, Roc, Romal (Cave Troll), Runners, Sable Antelope, Sakkar, Satyr, Savanger (Bloodbird), Seals, Sedrali, Skeleton, Slime Deer, Stoorworm, Tigers, Tilnta, Tusk Boar, Umbroli, Urgarugar (Headhanger), Urothtrorol (Cloud Sheep), Uzdo (Great Troll), Uzhim (Snow Troll), Venomous Snake, Veruferar (Bolo Lizard), Vrok, Vug, Waertagi, Waknath (Fang Snake, Rainbow Snake, Slime Snake, Spine Snake), Wyvern, Zabdamar, Zarur (Skybull), Zebras.

Creatures in HeroQuest 1

The following creatures that appear in Anaxial’s Roster also appear in HeroQuest, in updated form:

Bear (Brown Bear), Bison, Broo, Centaur, Darvan (Triceratops), Deer, Disease Spirit, Dryad, Duck (Durulz), Dwarf, Elf (Mreli/Brown Elf), Ghost, (Mountain) Giant, Gorp, Gremlin, Griffin (True Griffin), Hag (Suberiad), Harpy, Horse (sered), Hollri (Ice Daimon), Mammoth, Puma, Rubble Runner (Bazak), Shell Deer, Specter (Passion Ghosts), Sprites, Troll (Uzko), Trollkin (Enlo), Unicorn, Walktapus, Watch Beetle, Wolves, Wyrm, Zombie.

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