War god

Son of Magasta

Wachaza is the son of Magasta and a dark demon, and brother and ruler of the feared waterspouts of the open seas. He is cruel and the death he deals is final. In modern times he is shunned, for even cruel sea-warriors can find Wachaza to be too violent. He is also shunned because he was the principal war god of the fallen God Learner empire.

He is always shown as a dark god, horrible of visage. His skin is jet blue or black, and his feral yellow eyes can sometimes be seen by unlucky seamen glowing deep within the sea. He carries a long net and a wicked looking trident. In his sack he carries hidden curses from the deep. Every sea god has called upon him at one time or another, and he is feared by them all.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Gen Con 2019 preview892019As an associate cult of Magasta
Guide to Glorantha1512014water runeNotes only
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1995water runeShort form write up

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