Invisible God

The Creator

see also Creator

The invisible god is, always was, and forever shall be. He is the God beyond the Gods. He provides salvation and purpose in existence to his minions. He only gives and never takes.

The invisible god is aloof and perfect. Since these traits render it difficult for his followers to determine the correct method of worship, he twice sent prophets to remind everyone of him. Malkion was the first prophet in bygone ages; Hrestol was a more recent prophet. Despite their guidance, many conflicting heresies and rival sects have grown within Malkionism.

He is never depicted.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Guide to Glorantha1512014Notes only
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985Short form write up
The Brithini
The Borists
The Galvosti
The Hrestoli (idealists)
The Rokari (realists)
The Stygian Heresy

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