Chaos god of anarchy, murder, and ogres Remnant of the Devil

Chaos pantheon

A cacodemon is a demonic remnant of the Devil, left over when Wakboth was smashed by the Block, a massive slab of truestone, in Prax. These beings more resemble huge monsters than demigods, but are the center of a loosely organized cult. They occasionally appear in person to aid or menace their few cultists. No more than a score of cacodemons are proven to exist worldwide, and only one ever appears at a time.

A cacodemon is usually about twelve feet tall, winged, clawed, and tailed. Sooty dirt begrimes his thorny skin. He is accompanied by a stench of sulfur and carrion, and various other chaotic details.

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Cults of Glorantha Preview4402019
Cult Compendium3252002
Lords of Terror821994
Elder Secrets1031989
Griffin Mountain1981
Different Worlds #021979

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