Goddess of the Calm Air

Her parentage is uncertain; sometimes she is said to be a daughter of Kolat (and so Orlanth’s niece), other times a daughter of Umath (and so Orlanth’s sister).

Brastalos is the wife of Magasta and psychopomp of the sea pantheon. She personifies both the raging hurricane and the calm eye of the storm. Her home is located at the center of the world above the Homeward Ocean. The children of Magasta and Brastalos are deadly waterspouts and whirlpools which dot the places where the air and sea meet, a plague to the godless.

She is portrayed among men as a raging wind or a waterspout. Among mermen (as usual for that race) her image is not graven.

See The Book of Heortling Mythology page 146

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Gen Con 2019 preview892019water runeAs associate cult of Magasta
Storm Tribe2082001Glyph not yet available

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