References for Glorantha (2021)

By Jeff Richard. Updated 26th May 2021

These are the core documents for writing about Glorantha for RuneQuest. This originally appeared on Facebook:

A0 Texts (in no particular order)

These are the texts that everything else is built off and that I constantly refer to in world building, rules building, etc.

  • The Guide to Glorantha
  • The Glorantha Sourcebook
  • RuneQuest Adventures in Glorantha
  • RuneQuest Bestiary
  • White Bear and Red Moon
  • Nomad Gods
  • The Cults Book (currently internal reference only)
  • The Sartar Book (currently internal reference only)
  • RQ Campaign Book (currently internal reference only)
  • The Master Map series (internal reference, with the Dragon Pass map in the Sartar Book)

A1 Texts

Not used all the time as they are built off the A0 texts. But sometimes they have information present nowhere else:

  • RQ GM Screen Pack
  • The Smoking Ruins
  • The Red Book of Magic
  • Pegasus Plateau
  • Pavis and the Big Rubble (RQ2)
  • Dorastor (RQ3)
  • Sun County (RQ3)
  • King of Sartar. The parts that are A0 are available elsewhere. And lots of KoS is not – and intentionally so.
  • Trollpak (RQ2 version)
  • Griffin Mountain (RQ2)
  • Borderlands (RQ2)
  • Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes (incorporated into the A1 Sartar Book)
  • Sartar Companion (incorporated into the A1 Sartar Book)

There are also a collection of early drafts from Greg that I consult regularly but mainly for ideas and inspiration (and can cheerfully contradict):

  • Glorantha Encyclopedia
  • MoLaD boardgame draft
  • Holy Country Campaign
  • Epic (much of that is now incorporated into RQG and the Sartar Book)
  • The Orlanthi Gold Sheets (but most of that is now incorporated in the Sartar Book and the Cults Book).


  • RQ Companion. The A0 material is in the Guide, Sourcebook, or Cults book.
  • I personally consider your own two Sartar books for HQ A1 texts at least. They are A1, but the Sartar Book (the new one) itself is a better source.

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