Prince of Sartar Cast



Argrath is the young hero fated to have a tremendous role in the Hero Wars. His parents slain by Lunars, he has vowed to tear down the Red Moon.

Argrath was born in Sartar in the Orlmarthing clan as a member of the Colymar tribe. A Heortling, Argrath met the Second Son and was initiated in the ways of Heort.

Beat-Pot Aelwrin

A hero of the Lunar empire.

Gunda the Guilty

Gunda is the daughter of a Jonating warrior woman who was conquered and raped by a cruel Brithini philosopher. Her youth was spent in flight and exile, and she quickly learned her mother’s skills and was favored by her mother’s grim Death God.

Gunda was but twelve winters old when she claimed by combat her first pack of Wolf Pirates. She is most famous for her stay with the notorious Queen of the Kiss, whose infamous buss seduced man, woman, and monster alike into sworn obedience. Of those so trapped, only Gunda broke the spell, her oath, and the Queen’s back – but at the cost of never knowing love. Shortly thereafter she met Harrek, and from that meeting their friendship has grown. She is Harrek’s chief lieutenant and fiercely loyal to the White Bear.

Harrek the Berserk

The White Bear is mentioned in nearly every history and tale of the Hero Wars. A savage, half-mad killing demigod, chroniclers across the world write of the misfortunes he visits upon their lands.

Harrek was born a Rathori Skin-changer in 1484. By age seven he committed his first murder. Harrek was initiated early, at age 12. During his ordeal, he lost his knife and his shoes, but survived thanks to the strength of his bear spirit.

Like all Rathori, Harrek went to sleep in 1499. He was among the First Wakeup in 1594. When he saw that the planets were wrong he began wandering. For a time he was a mercenary for the newly emerging Kingdom of Jonatela. Noted for his potential, he was taken to the Lunar Empire to participate in Dart Competitions. Harrek learned to hate them.

In Rathorela, in 1609, at High Holy Day, he interfered with the sacrifice, slew the White Bear god and bound it within its skin, and upon his return to Glorantha killed the outraged tribesmen who protested. Alone, he left Rathorela. That was his first Heroquest. As a result, he had a powerful ally in the bound god. He also discovered his first enemy, called the Shadow of the Spear.

By accident, he opposed some of the first raiding parties coming out of the Kingdom of War. Perhaps it could have been stopped then and there, but he did not kill the Lord Death on a Horse. Harrek became general of an army and led it victoriously to plunder innocent Sog City in 1615.

Harrek then went to the Ygg’s Islands. Despite all odds, the piratical god Ygg chose him as champion and awarded him gifts. Thus Harrek, in his great ship the Ice Serpent, led half the population from the barren islands. They called themselves Ygg’s People of the War Bear.

Harrek and his Wolf Pirates have plundered the coasts of Arolanit and Seshnela, found Jrusteli, murdered Vadeli, and raided Nolos and Pasos. Many other pirate ships joined them, and Harrek accepted them as long as they obeyed the rules of his Wolf Pirate fleet.

Jar-eel the Razoress

The Fourth Inspiration of Moonson, Jar-eel the Razoress is the current incarnation of the Red Goddess in human form. She is the daughter of the Red Emperor and the great-grandaughter of Hon-eel the Artess and the defender of Lunar civilization and enlightment. Blessed with grace, beauty, and intelligence, she has already become one of the New Gods. She is worshiped within the Empire as a living goddess of Love and War.

Jar-eel has proven herself a peerless fighter, magician, poet, musician, and heroquester. She has stormed impregnable citadels, transformed rebels into followers, dismembered an enemy demigod, debated gods in contests where her soul was at stake, given order to Chaos, and emerged triumphant from the Pit of Sorrows as the Balancer and the Turner.


Samastina is an ambitious young Esrolian noblewoman from the metropolis of Nochet. She is was initiated into the cult of Ernalda, the Earth Queen. By birth, Samastina is a member of the powerful Delaeos clan and is related by marriage to the Queen of Nochet, although her family are traditionalist Earth worshipers and bitter rivals of Queen Hendira.

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