Hero Wars (2001)(JP)

From 2004:

The japanese license for is held by Guild Corporation of Japan, who contracted Atelier Third to produce a japanese edition of Hero Wars. Following Guild Corporation’s sale to ArcLight, the status of the license is uncertain.

The release is available since November 24th, 2001. The book includes the contents of both Hero Wars (ISS 1101) and Narrator’s Book (ISS 1104), the core Hero Wars rule books. They have included additional information from several other Hero Wars books, including Thunder Rebels (ISS 1301), Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars (ISS 1102), and Anaxial’s Roster (ISS 1103). In addition to a glossary and a comprehensive index, the book also has individual indices of the many gods, keywords, magical abilities, and mundane abilities mentioned in the rules.

From 2001:

Table of Contents

Foreword for Japanese Readers

Part 1: Hero Wars 
   chapter 1: Getting Started 
   chapter 2: Characters 
   chapter 3: Character Keywords 
   chapter 4: Playing Hero Wars 
   chapter 5: Basic Magic 
   chapter 6:Theistic Magic 
   chapter 7: Sorcerous Magic 
   chapter 8: Animist Magic 
   chapter 9: Mystic Magic 
   chapter 10: Advanced Magic

Part 2: Narrator’s Book 
   chapter 11: Narrating the Game 
   chapter 12: Relationships 
   chapter 13: Sample Hero Bands 
   chapter 14: Creatures 
   chapter 15: Introduction to Glorantha 
   chapter 16: Otherworld Magic 
   chapter 17: The Rising Dark

Character Sheet
How to Use Character Sheet 
Sample Characters 
Maps of Glorantha 
Gods Index 
Skills Index 
General Index

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