Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes Player Handouts

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Player Handouts

The free Sartar Player’s Primer gives prospective players in a Sartar campaign all the information they’ll need to quickly familiarize themselves with the setting. We know that the full 378 page Sartar book can be daunting to new players, so this document is offered to get you up to speed with a minimum of fuss. While the Sartar Player’s Primer has enough information in it to get you familiar with the setting and get you thinking about the type of character you’d like to play, you’ll still need access to the full Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes supplement to make a character. The Primer, however, gives you everything you need to get started, and give you an idea of how to talk to your GM about specific character keywords, magic, etc. to finalize your character.

Sartar Clan Questionnaire

All the questions of the Sartar Clan Questionnaire (without the Narrator’s answers) in a handy printable format with art and a map of the Sartarite tribes for reference.

There is an online version of the Sartar Clan Generator here.

Character and Clan Sheets

You can download free PDF versions of the character and clan sheets in the Sartar Book here.

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