The Art of Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes

Sartar Kingdom of Heroes includes more than 200 new pieces of art, commissioned from artists including Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Frederic Chernier, William Church, Jed Dougherty, Alejandro Fernandez Giraldo, Manoel Magalhães, Juha Makkonen, Regis Moulin, Michael O’Connor, Darran Sims, Stewart Stansfield, and Greg Stafford. There are also more than 20 maps by Colin Driver, Gillian Pearce, Phil Anderson, Nick Brooke, and Wesley Quadros.

Here’s a little sample of the art of Sartar:

From Regis Moulin: The Cult of Urox the Storm Bull(4)


From Jed Dougherty: conflict_with_the_lunars_final


From Manoel Magalhães: DorasaCatWitch


From Juha Makkonen: warrior_inks_hires


Sartar also includes more than twenty beautiful maps, including seven in full color! Here’s a sample:

Dragon Pass and Kethaela by Colin Driver: J_DragonPass&HolyCounrty(small)


Map of the City of Swenstown by Gillian Pearce: Sartar_GPearce_Swenstown_MapInkFinal_131009


This is just a taste! You will enjoy the visual feast that is Sartar Kingdom of Heroes!