ISS2002 Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes – Corrections

Current corrections 14th July 2015

Page 13. Creating Your Character Using he List Method. Replace the word “he” in the title with “the”.

Page 56. War Clan or Peace Clan. Because of layout changes, the boxed text referred to in this section no longer appears after Question 16 of the Clan Generation Questionnaire. The reference should be to Page 46 instead of Question 16.

Page 56. Clan Resources. A formatting error crept into the final printed edition and unfortunately the rune font for W disabled itself. Where you see “12W” (or any other number followed by “W”) you should replace the “W” with the Mastery rune.

Page 286. Guide to the Cover Illustration. Entry number 3 (Clearwine Earth Temple) and 6 (Beast Folk) accidentally duplicated the entry for Number 2 (Ernalsulva). Entry 3 should read: The Clearwine Temple – This copper clad and barley thatched building is one of the central structures in the temple complex; there are several other sites of power within the complex. Known as the Loom House, it is where the women come to pray to the household aspects of their goddess. The many images of Ernalda were given to the temple as tribute from the local clans, thus they are of many and varied design. The great copper serpents and sows are protective of their goddess sacred ground and will drive off the unwanted. Entry 6 should read: Beast Folk – It is unusual to see Beast Folk such as this Centaur (Man/Horse) and Durulz (Were-Duck) within Heortling clan lands, but at festivals such as the Feast of Beasts, these worshippers of the Earth are welcome to join in the celebrations. They will return soon after to their secretive lives by the Creek-Stream River and within Beast Valley, where Ironhoof the Centaur king holds court.

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