ISS1001H HeroQuest – Limited Edition Hardcover (2003)

1001H. HeroQuest – Limited Edition Hardcover  HeroQuest

Price $100.00

288 pages, standard format

Available: Ships in August 2003

HeroQuest Design by Greg Stafford.
Original Game Design by Robin D. Laws.
Development assistance by Mark Galeotti, Roderick Robertson, and Stephen Martin.
Cover art by Lee Moyer.

This limited edition of HeroQuest is part of SJ Games’ line of signed, limited edition hardcover titles. It contains the complete contents of the regular softcover version, but with a

custom binding, exclusive blessing, and extra features that include:glossy, heavy-weight paperbound-in satin bookmarkan original signature by Greg Staffordcustomer-selected rune printed on the front cover

This special edition is only printed to pre-order. Preorders were accepted until June 14, and then the books will be printed. Both the softcover and limited edition hardcover of HeroQuest have an expected ship date of July 14.

Glorantha has long been known for its use of runes, and HeroQuest continues this tradition, with lavish use of runes throughout the new rules. In keeping with that tradition, each copy of the limited edition hardcover will have a rune of the customer’s choice printed on the cover. More than 400 runes are available, some of them never before revealed to the public. Here is the list of selected runes.

Warehouse 23 has informed us that standard shipping in the US and to Canada is free, and that everywhere else in the world, it is only $10.66, with an average delivery time of one week.For more information, please see our press release. For more information on HeroQuest, please see our HeroQuest FAQ.

Final Table of Contents

  • Playing HeroQuest
  • Heroes (character creation, including homelands and occupations)
  • Hero Points
  • Core Rules
  •     Relationships (consolidated rules, including Hero Bands)
  •     Basic Magic
  •     Theism
  •     Animism (completely revised)
  •     Wizardry (revised and refined)
  •     Narrating (expanded) 
  •     Heroquesting (completely new) 
  •     Creatures
  •     Introduction to Glorantha
  •     HeroQuest Adventures (ALL NEW)
  •           High Pressure Front
  •           Fish Rain
  •           Chasing Kites
  •           Heavy Earth, a heroquest
  •     Appendix: Sample Hero Bands
  •           Arshkuveth’s Own
  •           Heartdrummers
  •           Prophets of the Golden Age
  •     Appendix: Runes
  •     Appendix: Bibliography and Sources
  •     Appendix: Game Aids
  •           Character Creation Synopsis
  •           Consolidated Hero Improvement Costs
  •           Rules Synopsis
  •           Sample Resistances
  •     Appendix: Glossary of Essential Game Terms
  •     Index

 Last revision: 28 Aug 2003

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