ISS1001 HeroQuest (2003)

Roleplaying in Glorantha


  • Product Number ISS 1001
  • ISBN 1-929052-12-X, price $39.95
  • 288 pages, standard format
  • Published: July 2003.
  • HeroQuest Design by Greg Stafford.
  • Original Game Design by Robin D. Laws.
  • Development assistance by Mark Galeotti, Roderick Robertson, and Stephen Martin.
  • Cover art by Lee Moyer.

NB: Boris Sirbey has contributed illustrations but is not listed in the credits. We apologize for the mistake.

Runner-up of the 2003 Pen&Paper Fan Award for Best Game.

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Errata for HeroQuest.

HeroQuest, formerly announced as the second edition of Hero Wars contains the contents of Hero Wars (ISS 1101) and the former Narrator’s Book (ISS 1104), which have been revised, re-edited, and laid out in a completely new format. It contains the complete rules for HeroQuest, including beginner-friendly Character Creation, new rules for Hero Bands, simplified Contest resolution, and streamlined Magic systems. New scenarios, a new heroquest, three hero bands, and new adventures and heroquests help to breathe new life into the rules for players and narrators alike.

All previous Hero Wars supplements remain compatible with these revised rules.

For more information, please see our HeroQuest FAQ.

Final Table of Contents (PDF format).

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